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Poligrafo.com offers its services to companies and individuals to evaluate the accuracy by means of the more advanced forensic evaluation also using the latest technological advances in professional polygraphy, highlighting a wide experience in the following areas:

  • Murder, theft, fraud.
  • Infidelities, sexual abuse, domestic disputes.
  • Verification of credibility of testimony.
  • Forensic evaluations in prisons.
  • Claims, insurance claims.
  • Testing candidates for jobs confidence.
  • Conduct periodic assessments.
  • Internal affairs of the company.
  • Advice on military and civilian polygraphy, as well as for the implementation of government departments polygraphy.
  • Forensic Psychophysiology courses.
  • TV shows based on the evaluation of evidence.

El equipo docente

José Antonio Fernández de Landa con el  poligrafo

José Antonio Fernández de Landa is one of the leading international polygraph experts with 22 years of experience in the different fields of application of the polygraph and other methods of assessing the credibility of the testimony.

The responsible for POLYSCAN IPS, made over the past two decades more than 10,000 tests of all kinds with the polygraph,having collaborated in delicate investigations at the request of private detectives, security companies and private affairs. Read more…

Patricia Fernández de Landa

Patricia Fernández de Landa Has a degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid in 1999. Collegial No. M-26835.
His postgraduate training addressed the field of Legal Psychology, completing Master of Clinical Psychology, Forensic and Legal UCM, taught by renowned professionals in our country and a pioneer in the formation of this specialty. Leer mas…


In 1993 we became the initiators of the assessment of the credibility of testimonies by applying the polygraph in Europe. Since 2003 we are active members of the Israeli Computerized Polygraph Association and European Polygraph Association. In more than 20 years of experience we have accumulated over ten thousand satisfied customers. Our services are frequently required by individuals who need to clarify the truth about a specific event. Our services are also required by companies affected that need to clarify something without affecting the corporate image, privately and discreetly.
Every day is more frequent the polygraph application in legal matters related to the defense of a cause. We are specialized in supporting the veracity of a witness in court, a situation every day more necessary due to the barrage of procedures based on false allegations, particularly in matters related to abuse, sexual abuse, custody, derived mostly because of breakups.

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José Antonio Fernández de Landa con el  poligrafoEthical code in polygraph. El Polígrafo offers tests to solve almost every situation, when once provided the request does not conflict with any law or regulation in the area of action. We offer our services to the general public, as well as lawyers, therapists, corporations and government agencies. Click here for a complete list of available services.

We've been tempted with succulent offerings, however we still do not accept to make the polygraph a tool for profit at any price. We owe it to the truth and so will continue, both in private practice and TV performances. Our polygraph does not participate in assemblies and / or fraudulent use. In addition, we do not accept orders related to matters outside the law.


Mejor precio Garantizado de PoligrafoQuality has a price, however our rates have adapted to the actual times of crisis. Tell us about your case, we adapt to all budgets.Read more...


Poligrafo mas televisado en la EuropaThrough the small screen we have participated in the dissemination of polygraphy worldwide. From the famous Machine of Truth current formats issued by public and private television channels in Europe, Asia and America, we have participated in more than 850 TV episodes turning our polygraph in the most televised worldwide. Read more...